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The Boo Crew Hang Out and Chat Horror with Actor Devon Sawa

On episode 188, you are hangin out with the iconic Devon Sawa! He’ll walk you thru the creation of one of the best horror comedies ever made, IDLE HANDS including the original plot that never was and how he pulled off the insane choreography and physicality - and he shows off a souvenir he grabbed from set! We talk Final Destination, making vampire flicks with Danzig, hangin with John Travolta in full method acting mode and so much more! Devon stars in a brand new movie out this week on December 18th on vod and digital called HUNTER HUNTER written and directed by Shawn Linden. This is such an awesome film with one of the most insane endings of all time. He’s a 100% genuine horror fan - just like you! Have an absolute BLAST with Devon! Now playing!

Follow Devon Sawa at:

Instagram: @d.sawa

Twitter: @DevonESawa

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