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The Boo Crew Hang Out with Award Winning Actor Boyd Holbrook, Star of THE CURSED

It is being called one of the best horror films of the year and it’s in theaters now, Sean Ellis’ beautiful and haunting - THE CURSED! On an all new episode of the Boo Crew you are hanging out with one of the films stars, award winning actor, writer and director, Boyd Holbrook! We get into his love of the genre and his perspective on the unique and incredibly atmospheric world cast in this late 19th century creature feature that should not be missed! Take a look into the monster itself, the original spin on a classic tale and how it’s all brought to life in some VERY impressive practical fx artistry! With tons more stuff on the way from Boyd including the upcoming Sandman series we’ll definitely be talking to this guy again soon! So talented and SUCH an incredibly cool dude. Episode 301 with Boyd Holbrook is now playing!

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