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The Boo Crew Hang Out with Don Mancini the Award Winning Writer, Director, and Creator of CHUCKY

Hey Boo Crew Fam! A new episode for you each day for the rest of the week with the creators and cast of the amazing MIDNIGHT MASS, new tv series DAY OF THE DEAD and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER! Subscribe to not miss out on the fun :) First up… you are hangin out with award winning writer, director, producer and creator of one of the most famous icons in horror movie history - the legendary Don Mancini! At time of release, his new tv series CHUCKY is available now on SYFY / USA with new episodes airing every Tuesday! Get all doll’d up and hear about what’s in store for Chucky’s bloody return in this all new horror adventure and how it’s more insane than ever!! Take a journey back into the original creation of the character and the magic of bringing him to life. Revisit the early Child’s Play films and reminisce on Don’s incredibly dark masterpiece, CURSE OF CHUCKY from 2013! Episode 265 with Don Mancini is now playing!!

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Instagram: @realdonmancini

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