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The Boo Crew Hang Out with the DEMENTIA: PART II Gore Soaked Filmmakers Mike Testin and Matt Mercer

It’s a gore-soaked, terrifying and hilarious gross-out fest as you and The Boo Crew hang with writer / director / cinematographer and producer, Mike Testin and writer / director / producer and actor, Matt Mercer! At time of release, their new film DEMENTIA: PART II is now in limited theaters and arriving on DVD and VOD June 1st! It is a proud presentation of Bloody Disgusting and Dark Star Pictures. Hear the fascinating story of this insane psycho-horror romp made on a dare in 30 days from script to screen and the challenges and awesomeness that ensued! Learn about how they did some of the most fun practical fx of the year, get into their horror faves and influences and their experience working closely with Joe Begos on his phenomenal hyperkinetic nightmare...BLISS. Episode 233 is now playing!

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