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The Boo Crew Hang Out with the Stars of BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR Rosa Salazar and Catherine Keener

Your Boo Crew is back for a second time this week with another all new episode! Hang out with Rosa Salazar and Catherine Keener, stars of the extraordinary limited series everyone is talking about - BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR, exclusively on Netflix now! It’s a mind bending, occult laced journey into Hollywood of the 90’s with zombies, witchcraft, body horror, vomit and gore! If you’ve already binged it, you are fully aware what an unforgettable experience this one is and you probably have tons of questions like we do! Sit back, relax and find out how the F they pulled off this stuff, from puking up kittens, eye gouging and all that wonderful craziness!! Crawl into Boro’s layer, hear about the intense physicality that went into creating this story as performers, the music, the memories, unraveling the message and so much more. Time to get weird with episode 253, now playing!

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