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The Boo Crew Hang with TREMORS' Michael Gross and Talk Horror With Joel Meares of Rotten Tomatoes

It’s another Boo Crew Creature Double Feature, with TWO more all new episodes! Episode 170 has you facing off against the Graboids as you hang out with the legendary Burt Gummer himself...Michael Gross, star of the brand new, TREMORS:SHRIEKER ISLAND, available on blu ray, dvd and digital now! Hear about Michael’s horror firsts, the magic of Tremors that keeps us returning, developing the lovable survivalist character that has become iconic with the films, sequel ideas that never happened and so much more! Also, on a very special edition of Horror Homework, Joel Meares, editor in chief of Rotten Tomatoes stops by to talk about what they got going on with suggestions on the best flicks to watch during the spooky season! Put a candy bar in the freezer and get ready for episode 170!!

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