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The Boo Crew Hangs Out with the Viciously Creative Singer and Vibrant World Builder Ashnikko

The Boo Crew gears up to fill your trick or treat buckets with tons of new episodes every day leading up to Halloween! Episode 175 has you hangin’ out with the illustrious and viciously creative singer songwriter and vibrant world builder - ASHNIKKO! You’ve heard her gold selling single and seen the video for her track “Stupid” where she is covered in blood with her blue hair and a mallet...went viral on Tik Tok with well over 80 million streams...or her new track “Daisy” that is a global smash. She talks about her new mixtape DEMIDEVIL on the way in February, her latest song “Halloweenie III” out now and the genesis of releasing a new track and video every Halloween. Find out what she thinks of the horror genre and why she loves using it in her visuals and music. Maybe even hear a ghost story or two! She is doing some seriously next level and evolved content. We love her so much, she’s such a sincere and rad person and we gotta admit, she definitely made your Boo Crew get kind of emotional on this one! We think you will too...PLUS - a very witchin’ Horror Homework as well conjure some flick recommendations! Celebrate Ashnikko on episode 175 - now playing!

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