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The Boo Crew Haunt the Halls of CHAPELWAITE with Adrien Brody and Emily Hampshire

Back for a second time this week with another all new episode of Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew! We are haunting the halls of CHAPELWAITE with multi award winning actors Adrien Brody and Emily Hampshire! They talk about their chilling new series premiering August 22nd on EPIX, based on Stephen King’s short story, “Jerusalem’s Lot”. This show will quickly become your new obsession! The poignant and beautiful words of the Filardi Brothers (Flatliners, The Craft), STUNNING Victorian costumes and the breathtaking dark wood paneled Chapelwaite manor itself - this series awakens ALL the spooky feels! Hear about the seance, the real life haunted locations, the Halloween episode (YES - and it SLAYS!). Emily freaks out about the terrifying creature design, Adrien gets slimy with the practical FX and so much more! Be our guest at CHAPELWAITE on episode 251, NOW PLAYING!

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