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The Boo Crew Head to the Video Rental Store Horror Section with Slashback Video

The Boo Crew is back with our second of FOUR all new episodes this week! We have reserved you a copy of Episode 107! It’s your laminated membership card for a look into Slashback Video! Slashback is an immersive exhibit and attraction in Burbank, California that recreates the nostalgic video store experience, celebrating horror films! It returns for its third incarnation-Slashback Video: The Beginning, opening Saturday February 22nd and running until June of this year! You are joined by your video store clerks and LA based horror icons Ciara and Ryan Turek along with the Mystic Museum’s Kiko Bailey and Erick Wessel! Hear about the movies that scare them the most, the lost art of the VHS box, Freddy Krueger, 80s horror nostalgia and much more! Don’t forget to be kind and please rewind when you’re done!


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