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The Boo Crew Explore the World of Collecting Rare TV & Movie Items with Matt Truex of PROP STORE!

Next up on the auction block - returning guest and good friend of the show, Matt Truex - Marketing Manager of Prop Store! Learn about the world of collecting incredibly rare and historic items used in the production of your favorite movies and tv shows. He lets you in on their latest entertainment memorabilia live auction happening over three days: June 29th, 30th and July 1st with over 1309 lots up for grabs. Find out about the horror and genre iconography you can own for yourself including items from the Alien franchise, Freddy’s glove from “Dream Warriors”, Jason’s mask from “Jason Goes To Hell”, the original “Scream” mask, the filming miniature cabin from “Evil Dead 2” and so much more! Cast your bids on Episode 236 of the Boo Crew now!

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Instagram: @prop_store

Twitter: @propstore_com

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