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The Boo Crew Hold a Seance with Metal Visionary Maria Brink of IN THIS MOMENT

The Boo Crew is back for a second of THREE episodes this week. This time we hold a seance with one of the most exciting performers, singers and creators in the world...Maria Brink...of gold selling metal visionaries, IN THIS MOMENT! Come with us as she talks about what she’s been up to during lockdown and takes you behind the scenes of the groups latest album “Mother”, plus the making of their beautifully spooky video for “The In Between”. Hear about her horror movie firsts, incredible ghost stories and much much more! Invoke episode 126 now!

Follow Maria Brink on:

In This Moment Instagram: @inthismomentofficial

Twitter: @mariabrink

In This Moment Twitter: @officialITM

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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