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The Boo Crew Intercept Ghostly Transmissions from Genius Filmmakers Radio Silence

The Boo Crew scan the dial to episode 113, to intercept a ghostly transmission from Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella, the collective knows as: Radio Silence! These guys are INCREDIBLE! They are the creators behind some the best horror films made in years and some of our all time faves - most recently 2019’s READY OR NOT, they also did DEVIL’S DUE, SOUTHBOUND and that amazing entry 10-31-98 in the anthology film V/H/S. During this convo (that is an absolute blast by the way) hear about how they weaponize a wedding dress, the art of making found footage, the story behind the group and way too many other fun things to mention. We love these guys and what they do, they are a testament to pure imagination, innovation and ingenuity that will certainly inspire you as a creator in no matter what you do and as someone who appreciates truly passionate filmmaking. Kick back and enjoy the broadcast!

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