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The Boo Crew Investigate a Mysterious Beach Town with OFFSEASON Star Jocelin Donahue

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, cross a bridge into a mysterious beach town with returning guest to the show and one of the most compelling and evocative actors out there, the absolutely wonderful - Jocelin Donahue! Her new film OFFSEASON is in theaters, VOD and digital March 11th! Get a sneak peak at what awaits you in Mickey Keating’s fog drenched island of nightmares. We talk about crafting unforgettable monologues, the choreography of terror and the power of music. Take a listen to what’s on Jocelin’s own playlist, hear her latest horror film recommendations, revisit her remarkable performance in Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep and her passion for cooking and baking the most scrumptious dishes you’ve ever seen! Get stranded with the iconic Jocelin Donahue on episode 305, now playing!

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Instagram: @jocelindonahue

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