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The Boo Crew is Haunted by Multi Award Winning Filmmaker, Author, and Horror Master Axelle Carolyn

On the second all new episode of the Boo Crew this week, your house is haunted by multi award winning filmmaker, author and horror master, Axelle Carolyn! Her brand new feature film THE MANOR, starring the legendary Oscar nominated Barbara Hershey is available now on Amazon Prime - part of Welcome To The Blumhouse! Hang out as you look into the making of this terrifying supernatural adventure tethered to a story of warmth and heart. We celebrate Axelle’s love of the Halloween season and all things spooky, the incredible legacy of work she has already created, directing the fan favorite black and white episode of Mike Flanagan’s THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR and soon to come THE MIDNIGHT CLUB! Revisit her essential anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN and her experience crafting the world of CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, CREEPSHOW, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and more! Episode 263 with Axelle Carolyn is now playing!

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