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The Boo Crew Join the Mysterious House Warming Party with Filmmaker David Bruckner and Rebecca Hall

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, join the house warming party and hang out with filmmaker David Bruckner and actor/writer/director, Rebecca Hall! David gave us the insanely cool “Amateur Night” segment of 2012’s V.H.S., 2017’s THE RITUAL and more. His latest is a chilling masterpiece called - THE NIGHT HOUSE. It features an immaculate performance from Rebecca. It is truly a gift of an experience that we know you will absolutely love! We talk about the beauty and intensity in that performance and what that was like to go thru from both the actor and director perspective. Go into the magic of the creation of reverse spaces and a look inside the mechanics of some of the most impactful, unique and well earned scares we’ve ever seen! THE NIGHT HOUSE opens only in theaters Friday August 20th! Go into escrow on episode 250 now!

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Instagram: @rebeccahall

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Instagram: @davidbruckner

Twitter: @bruckmachina

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