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The Boo Crew Joins The True Knot with Phenomenal Actor and Singer Emily Alyn Lind

The Boo Crew joins The True Knot as phenomenal actor and singer Emily Alyn Lind comes to steal our souls! She talks about her incredible work as Snakebite Andi in Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep (heads up - one mild Doctor Sleep spoiler if you haven’t seen it yet!), her roles in The Babysitter, Lights Out, Haunting In Connecticut 2, the recently announced Gossip Girl reboot and her latest series for Facebook Watch produced by Blumhouse television - Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones (season finale April 9th!) We also get her into her families love of the genre and her stunning musical talents with her new single CASTLES streaming everywhere now! Check into the Overlook with us all now for episode 117!

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Instagram: @emilyalind

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