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The Boo Crew Jump on a Zoom Seance with 'HOST' Creators Rob Savage and Jed Shepherd

In a brand new surprise episode, jump on a Zoom call with the Boo Crew and the creators of the most talked about horror movie in years, HOST, available now on Shudder! Director Rob Savage and co-writer Jed Shepherd join you for a virtual seance to explain HOW they pulled this movie off, conceived of, shot and finished within 12 weeks during the pandemic, under lockdown. Dive in to the practical fx, the films that inspire them, the countless Easter eggs and hidden plot points and how best to reveal them! Get some hints on their planned follow up that will change the game even further, their new project with Sam Raimi and a horror film with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Weezer and Dave Grohl?!?! This is one that won’t have you wanting to click “leave meeting”! Sign on to episode 147 now!

Follow Rob Savage on:

Instagram: @dirrobsavage

Twitter: @DirRobSavage

Follow Jed Shepherd on:

Instagram: @jedshepherd

Twitter: @JedShepherd

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