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The Boo Crew Play a Game with Creative Mastermind and Filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman!

Back with a SECOND all new episode this week! Play a game with The Boo Crew and creative mastermind and builder of worlds - Darren Lynn Bousman! His latest film is the ninth in the Saw universe. It’s called SPIRAL - only in theaters and IMAX now! We love Darren and this new film delivers in every way. It is fierce and funny, smart and terrifying. Sit down with us and hear about how Chris Rock’s passion for horror and the Saw franchise helped reinvigorate everything... how they designed the traps... learn about the trap that was filmed and left on the cutting room floor... the newest icon to enter the Saw zeitgeist, Mr. Snuggles! We dive into Darren’s sincere love of the art of magic, his next step into immersive theater, Clubhouse, the future of Saw.. Jigsaw and John Kramer plus so much more! Oh yes, there will be blood! Episode 229 is now playing! Let the game begin!

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