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The Boo Crew Return to Bly Manor to Hang out with the Perfectly Splendid Kate Siegel

Join The Boo Crew for a perfectly splendid hang with our wonderful friend, Kate Siegel - awe inspiring writer/actor and storyteller. She reveals the secrets behind her mysterious surprise role in The Haunting Of Bly Manor, the number one show on Netflix! If you are still watching Bly and have NOT seen her appearance yet, this will be full of spoilers so come back as soon as you have finished binging and the party will continue right here! If you are ready to proceed, prepare to dive in to the making of one our most favorite episodes in the series…Episode 8! We’ll explore the costumes, the props, the mechanics of the brilliant direction of this episode by Axelle Carolyn and the dark magic of the sonic alchemists...The Newton Brothers. This will be about mystique... reverence.. poetry.. get an update on the next project you will see Kate in - Midnight Mass.. and so much more. So wake…walk…and listen…to episode 166.

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Twitter: @k8siegel

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