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The Boo Crew Rocks Out with Scott Ian and Charlie Benante to Celebrate 40 years of ANTHRAX

The Boo Crew rocks out with Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of ANTHRAX as they celebrate 40 years of the band! Hang out as they talk about the horror influence on themselves and their music, working with John Carpenter on GHOSTS OF MARS, collecting, art and their new graphic novel that is available now for preorder. It brings to life the songs from their 1987 album AMONG THE LIVING, with contributions from Rob Zombie, Gerard and Mikey Way, Greg Nicotero, Corey Taylor and more! Also just announced, Charlie’s project SILVERLININGS, a collection of songs he’s been working on with friends thru the pandemic out May 14th. Turn up episode 216 now!

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Instagram: @scottianthrax

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Instagram: @charbenante

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