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The Boo Crew Saddle Up and Ride with Writer, Director Aaron B. Koontz and Actor Melora Walters

Howdy partner! Get on your boots and saddle slicker as your about to ride into episode 151 with writer/director Aaron B Koontz (Scare Package) and star Melora Walters (Magnolia / Boogie Nights / Big Love) of the new epic outlaws vs witches horror adventure, THE PALE DOOR, in theaters, on demand and digital now! Hear about the inventive and bewitching practical fx, incredible costumes, brewing up the story and much much more! Join the Sabbath now!

Follow Aaron B. Koontz on:

Instagram: @aaronbkoontz

Twitter: @aaronbkoontz

Follow Melora Walters on:

Instagram: @melora.walters

Twitter: @_Melora_

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