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The Boo Crew Salutes Eliot Laurence the Creator and Screenwriter of Motherland: Fort Salem

Stay home and get bewitched by a new episode of The Boo Crew! Screenwriter and creator Eliot Laurence joins us to talk all about the new show he’s conjured up - Motherland : Fort Salem, premiering Wednesday on Freeform! Hear all about the reinvention of witch lore while honoring history and doing some truly original things that are thought provoking, inspiring and empowering. “Motherland” is a BLAST and is definitely a much needed, whimsical, creepy, immersive and beautiful trip away to get your mind off of things for a bit. The world building is so detailed and careful that it really feels like you are there. Cast a spell and materialize episode 114 now!

Instagram: @motherlandtv

twitter: @Motherland

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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