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The Boo Crew Sets Out on a Thrilling Horror Adventure with Actor Keegan Allen

It’s Sunday Spookies with the Boo Crew! You can’t escape Episode 158! You are joined by actor, best selling author/photographer, podcaster and musician (and nicest guy in the world) Keegan Allen! He’s hanging out to tell you about his thrilling and fun new horror adventure, NO ESCAPE! Available in theaters, drive-ins and vod now. Hear about interacting with the traps and puzzles, Keegan’s real life paranormal hunts, Hollywood, reflecting on his time on Pretty Little Liars, the possibility of a PLL reboot and so much more! The clock starts now to solve the many mysteries of Episode 158!

Follow Keegan Allen on:

Instagram: @keeoone

Twitter: @KeeganAllen

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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