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The Boo Crew Sign a 1BR Lease with Writer, Director David Marmor and Actor Nicole Brydon Bloom

The Boo Crew is back again for a second episode this week! This time we are signing a lease with writer / director David Marmor and actor Nicole Brydon Bloom, star of the incredible new horror flick “1BR” - on digital and VOD as of Friday April 24th! This film is such a fun experience and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Lots of magic in the storyline that unfolds with plenty of surprises. We highly recommend it! Hear about the adventures of indie filmmaking, the crazy issues that can come up during production and how to end up with a finished product that looks and feels beautiful! Put down your security deposit and move in!

Follow Nicole Brydon Bloom on:

Instagram: @n.brydonbloom

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