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The Boo Crew Sing Zombie Christmas Karaoke with Award Winning Filmmaker John McPhail

The Boo Crew has been Trick Or Treating you with new episodes each day leading up to Halloween and now that the day is here, we’re putting TWO more in your pillowcase! On Episode 180, sing karaoke with award winning filmmaker, John McPhail! John brought us one of our faves, ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE, the first zombie-Xmas-musical! We get into everything you could possibly want to know about the film, John’s adventures in horror, will there be a sequel and so much more! You’ll also hear all about his new project, SPECIAL DELIVERY - at time of release one of 30 short films that are a part of Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween available now! Start rehearsals and get ready to harmonize with us for episode 180!

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