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The Boo Crew Sketch Dark Grisly Comics with SEPARATION Filmmaker William Brent Bell

The Boo Crew is back to the comic book shop for a SECOND all new issue this week! You are joined by a returning friend to the show, the whimsically dark filmmaker - William Brent Bell! From his work in movies like The Devil Inside, creating the iconic Brahms in The Boy franchise and more, we absolutely love the passion and inventiveness he brings to the genre. Hang out with us as we get into ALL of that! He’ll take you thru the crafting of his all new experience, SEPARATION - at time of release, in theaters now. Get introduced to the world of The Grisly Kin. Take a look inside the magic of the film… and it’s tremendous heart. Also, find out what might be in store for Brahms, the resurgence of his amazing video game based horror film, STAY ALIVE, the awesome details on the ORPHAN sequel he is wrapping up for you now and so much more! Episode 227 hits newsstands now!

Follow William Brent Bell on:

Instagram: @williambrentbell

Twitter: @WmBrentBell

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