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The Boo Crew Summons the Amazing and Talented Actor, Musician & Filmmaker Alex Wolff!

It’s Boo Crew Wicked Weekends! For our 100th episode we summon one of the stars of one of the best horror films in years and a new classic, HEREDITARY, none other than Alex Wolff! Hang out with us as he takes you behind the scenes of his incredible work in Ari Aster’s masterpiece. We explore how he filmed that classroom sequence, how he achieved his intense performance throughout the film and running errands with Millie Shapiro in character! Hear the spooky goings on during the filming of MY FRIEND DAHMER that you won’t believe, the magic of Jumanji and all about his amazing new movie that Alex wrote, directed, produced and starred in...the coming of age drama, THE CAT AND THE MOON, available on digital now! He’s such a charming, funny and talented guy, he even had a seat at the piano in the studio here a few times which you will hear at the end of the episode! Grab our 100th show now!

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Twitter: @natandalex

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