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The Boo Crew Take a WRONG TURN on the Trail with Actor Charlotte Vega and Director Mike P. Nelson

Your Boo Crew is back for a second of THREE all new episodes this week! Get on your backpack and hike the Appalachian Trail as you make a WRONG TURN with director Mike P. Nelson and star, Charlotte Vega of the new 2021 reboot of the franchise, available now on blu ray, dvd, on demand and digital! We had such a blast with this film! There is so much pure joy in the twists, turns and misdirects. Hear about the concept of flipping a well known entity completely on its tail, perhaps to the extent you’ve never seen before in a reboot, done with the writer of the 2003 original. Learn about the intense work and genuine LOVE that went into bringing this massive idea to life. How they did one of our fave scenes in a horror film-in YEARS! Will there be a possibility of a sequel? Are there ties to the original? How was the gore approached? So much fun stuff-just remember to stay on the path as you camp out with episode 201!

Follow Charlotte Vega at:

Instagram: @charrvega

Twitter: @CharrVega

Follow Mike P. Nelson at:

Instagram: @rockfordroad

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