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The Boo Crew Takes a Terrifying Carpool Ride with Actors Maika Monroe and Dane DeHaan

Back for a third episode this week...Your ride share is here! Join us for a carpool with actors Maika Monroe and Dane DeHaan from Quibi’s mindblowingly cool exercise in pure adrenaline thrilled terror, The Stranger! All 13 episodes are available exclusively on the streaming platform now! Each one is a virtuosic nail biter clocking in at under 10 minutes and is a must-see. Hear about the unique mechanics of the story telling and how it relates specifically to your phone! Discover Maika and Dane’s horror firsts, geek out over It Follows, A Cure For Wellness and so much more! Episode 153 is here to pick you up now!

Follow Maika Monroe on:

Instagram: @maikamonroe

Twitter: @MaikaMonroe

Follow Dane DeHaan on:

Instagram: @danedehaan

Twitter: @DaneDehaan

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