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The Boo Crew Talk Horror and Music with Singer, Electronic Pop Musician Bright Light Bright Light

This week we haunt the house of singer, songwriter, composer and electronic pop musician - BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT! He joins us to talk about his new album “Fun City” at time of release out this Friday! He’s collaborated with everyone from Elton John to the Scissor Sisters, toured with Ellie Goulding to Cher. Two of his albums have reached the Top 29 on the UK indie charts and he is an absolutely massive horror fan! Hear about his favorite films, the horror flick he got his name from, how horror movies inspire him, even including the writing of this most recent musical adventure - “Fun City”, out this Friday! PLUS the return of Horror Homework! Episode 157 is out now!

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Instagram: @brightlightx2

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