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The Boo Crew Talks with Award Winning FX Legend, Producer, Writer and Director Greg Nicotero

The Boo Crew takes a seat in the makeup chair to talk with award winning fx legend, producer, writer and director, Greg Nicotero! Greg and KNB have worked on SO many of your favorite horror films including Drag Me To Hell, Army Of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, Bride Of Reanimator, Pulp Fiction...the list is endless! He is also the executive producer, make up fx supervisor and primary director for AMC’s The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and is responsible for bringing the world of CREEPSHOW to television! The first season is available to own on blu ray and DVD NOW! He’ll let you in on the entire process from story, to creature fabrication, to filming as well as his work on one of our favorite movies, Jennifer’s Body - and his passion for collecting and preserving some of horror’s most sought after relics! PLUS The Boo Crew go back to the 90s for some horror homework! Take a bite out of Episode 131!

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Instagram: @gnicotero

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