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The Boo Crew Travels into the Future to Chat with the Charismatic and Charming Magda Apanowicz

We’ve travelled into the future to bring you the second of two all new episodes this week! Wow what a blast this one was! You will be INSTANT bffs with the charismatic and charming, Magda Apanowicz! She’s been in everything from playing Joe Goldberg’s mom in Season 2 of YOU (hell yeah!), to Eli Roth’s absolutely insane film “The Green Inferno (which we ask her all about). She’ll talk to you all about the merits of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, being attacked by pythons in the jungle, meeting Quentin Tarantino, true crime and her must see dark sci-fi thriller, VOLITION on VOD now!! We think she describes it perfectly as True Romance meets Back to The’s super fun! Hop into your time machine for Episode 141 now playing!

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