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The Boo Crew Trick or Treats with the Director & Cast of The Craft: Legacy and Author Lisa Morton

The Boo Crew trick or treats you with episodes everyday all week leading up to Halloween! For Episode 176, it’s a DOUBLE FEATURE! Join our circle as you hang with the cast and creator of the new film, THE CRAFT:LEGACY, now available on demand everywhere now! Writer / director Zoey Lister-Jones and the entire coven themselves consisting of Cailee Spaeny, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna and Gideon Adlon in a non-spoiler sit down about the horror films that changed them, the magic of the original 1996 adventure, the unique voice of LEGACY, the use of real witchcraft on set, plans for a possible sequel and so much more. - ALSO a special conversation about your favorite holiday, Halloween, with Halloween historian, screenwriter and award winning author, Lisa Morton! She dispels the trick or treating myth we’ve all believed forever! How witches and jack-o’-lanterns became symbols of the holiday and tons of spooky fun! Episode 176 is now playing!

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Twitter: @cinriter

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