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The Boo Crew Unlocks the Magic of Netflix’s LOCKE AND KEY with Star Connor Jessup

The Boo Crew casts a spell on you with another episode this week! This time around, unlock the magic of Netflix’s much anticipated new show, LOCKE AND KEY, available to binge as of Friday! We are joined in studio by one of the young stars of the show, Tyler Locke himself, actor and filmmaker, Connor Jessup! If The Haunting Of Hill House meets Harry Potter sounds like a dream to you, find out why this is a series you do not want to miss! Discover the secrets of key house and the things to watch for in the detailed architecture while watching the show, and how they keep it surprising for fans of the original comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. A whimsical episode 103 has appeared before your very eyes NOW!

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Instagram: @connorwjessup

Twitter: @connorjessup

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