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The Boo Crew Visit the Creepy Doll Brahms with Director William Brent Bell

The Boo Crew is back once again for our third of FOUR all new episodes this week! This time around you are joined by William Brent Bell, Director of Brahms:The Boy II in theaters everywhere Friday February 21st! William is SUCH a passionate storyteller and a real delight to listen to. This is a fascinating look into his process and the magic tricks and whimsy of making horror films. We get into pretty much ALL of his movies including the haunted video game flick STAY ALIVE and the creepy possession flick, THE DEVIL INSIDE. Just wait until hear the anatomy of the infamous “connect the cuts” scene! Chills! We revisit his exceptional reinvention of the werewolf genre with his movie WER leading up the original THE BOY in 2016 and the making of the new sequel! He also gives you the exclusive on his fascinating future projects that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Spoiler Alert: if you have not seen the first BOY film and do not want the major twist revealed, you will want to pause this episode right when we start the section on THE BOY and return after you have seen it. If that doesn’t concern you as the sequel is presented as a stand-alone film, then have a blast with Episode 108!

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