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The Boo Crew Visit the Sacred Creative Spaces of Inspirational Singer Songwriter Chelsea Wolfe

For Episode 129, join The Boo Crew with the amazing and inspirational singer songwriter and creator, Chelsea Wolfe! We talk about her immersive and poetic song craft, spirituality, and sacred creative spaces. You’ll get some wonderful insight into the process, thought and intent laced into her music..and perhaps just how it ignites your soul. It was such an intense pleasure to speak with her and we are so happy you are here to go on this journey with us! She also shares some of her favorite dark genre films, a behind the scenes look at some of her music videos and more! Get her latest album BIRTH OF VIOLENCE and the debut of her new project Mrs.Piss arriving May 29th from Sargent House! Also-the ‘Crew practices distance learning with another edition of Horror Homework where we assign you some fright flicks! Go grab this one now!

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Instagram: @cchelseawolfe

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