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The Boo Crew Welcome Returning Guest and Award-Winning Filmmaker Michael Chaves of THE NUN II

On an all-new Boo Crew, returning guest, award-winning filmmaker Michael Chaves steps back into the confessional to celebrate the release of THE NUN 2, in theaters everywhere September 8th! Hold on to your crucifix as he takes you down the cobblestone streets of France and dimly lit abbeys for the sequel to the most successful film in the Conjuring Universe. Hear about Taissa Farmiga and Jonas Bloquet reuniting with their fantastic characters in a horrifying and fun way! Explore the stunning choreography of terror and the brilliant performance from Bonnie Aarons as she brings to life once again, one of the most iconic evils in cinema history. Where does this all fit into the timeline of the Conjuring Universe and The Warrens? How did they do that magazine gag from the trailer? Why is Valak so AWESOME! So many questions! See if your prayers are answered with Episode 398 and Michael Chaves! Now slaying!


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