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The Spectacular Kiernan Shipka Casts a Spell on The Boo Crew

The spectacular Kiernan Shipka casts a spell on The Boo Crew as you join our coven for Episode 190! CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA PART 4 arrives to Netflix December 31st! She’ll tell you about what’s in store as she takes you thru her own love of the horror genre, working with Oz Perkins on the phenomenal “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” and much more! ALSO tag along with us and our friends Krsy Fox and Tyler Connolly as we take you thru our mind blowing experience at the Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Escape Room from Hourglass Escapes in Seattle that you can do remotely and safely from home during quarantine! Listen for an exclusive announcement! Sign your name away in the Book Of The Beast on episode 190 and celebrate the holiday with your friends in The Boo Crew! Scary Xmas!

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Instagram: @kiernanshipka

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